The Holy Ghost & You
The second greatest gift that Jesus gave the Church for power, is exactly what the Body of Christ has been disputing for centuries. Jesus sent the Holy Ghost to earth to give the Church power, but instead they have looked at this gift as a great point of debate. Some of them believe that they received this gift upon their conversion into Christianity. Yet others believe adamantly that the baptism of the Holy Ghost is an experience different from that which they received upon salvation.
This book is for those Christians who are searching for the truth.  Only the truth can bring the Church back to the place where it is going to have to be in these last days. Religion and opinions can not prepare the the Body of Christ for the soon coming King. Jesus is still the answer for today, as He has been throughout the ages. We can count on the Word to always be the same no matter what generation is studying it.
The Body of Christ is in great need for the power of the Hoy Ghost to be in full operation once again as He was in the book of Acts. The people of God are entering into the final outpouring of His Spirit upon this earth. The Lord is gathering His army to fight what will probably be the greatest spiritual battle that the Church has ever known. God is calling this army to learn spiritual warfare because the battle will have to be won in the spirit before it can manifest in this world of flesh and blood.
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