What has happened?
 To cause the ministry to become like the world?
To be looked upon as dirty
 and not worthy of respect?
It is a common thing to see in the news that a minister has sexually abused young children or engaged in some other sexual act.  We also hear about ministers that embezzle church funds, run off with someone else's wife in the congregation, admit being homosexual, and many other despicable things that are against the very nature of priesthood.
There was a time, not so very long ago, that the ministry was held in the highest esteem. They could be trusted in any given area to be honorable toward the call of the ministry. What has happened to cause the ministry to become like the world and be looked upon as dirty and not worthy of respect? This question and others that are rightfully being asked need to be addressed.
We, who are in the ministry are accountable for both our words and our actions. It is high time that each of us in the ministry steps back and evaluates why we are standing in the Holy Pulpits of God. Are we ministers because we truly are called by God, or is it for some other reason than this? We must look into our own hearts and become honest with ourselves, because each of us as ministers will most assuredly stand before God and give account of what we have said and what we have done. We will find that responsibility for ministers is far greater than those not called into ministry.
For ministers there is an accountability not only to the Lord
but also to the people.
We must be Father pleasers no matter what the personal cost is to us.
It will, in the long run, be better for us that we are
right in the eyes of God,
rather than right in the eyes of the people.
The Ministry must return to Holiness!
The office of the Apostle will be the answer for the ministry.
By once again putting things in their correct order, in both the ministry and the Body of Christ.
The Apostles will send forth the ministry into this last day harvest!
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