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The Nucleus of God's
Healing Power
Jesus did not die on the cross in vain.
His blood was shed for your salvation as well as your healing.
The price was paid 2,000 years ago.
If that is all there is to it, then why
do we labor in vain trying to find the answers
as to why we cannot receive healings for our bodies?
The other question asked by many is, "Why was I healed and then lost it?"
As we become more knowledgeable of God's Word,
we can understand how and why we struggle
with receiving and keeping healings for our bodies.
God gives only the best to His children.
When we ask, He is ready to respond to the cry of our hearts.
Have you ever received a healing but for some reason lost it? Don't' feel alone because thousands of Christians around the country and around the world have experienced the same disappointing misfortune as you. The one thing that you may not know is that it doesn't have to be this way. receiving a supernatural healing from God is not a process of "luck." There is a way to be supernaturally healed and a way to stay healed once you have received this wonderful gift from God.
This book takes a little different approach
 to the subject of supernatural healing
 than the church is used to...
Find out
What it takes to become healed
 and then learn
How you can keep that healing.
After reading this book, you will understand where you may have gone wrong in the past and how to avoid the pitfalls that can take your healing in the future. You will be able to add your name to the list of hundreds and thousands of individuals that have received a supernatural healing from God.
These 49 pages of information with results that work not once or twice, but hundreds and thousands of times!
Don't wait another day!
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