They Come In
Sheep's Clothing
The Lord has put a desire in my heart to see the wounded Christians receive deliverance and inner healing from one of Satan's deadliest tricks. I felt to write this book to not only inform but to let the wounded know there is hope for recovery and restitution. We as the ministers to the body of Christ need to examine our motive to minister, the purity of our ministry, and in many cases the damage our self-righteousness may have done to the children of God. They are all precious in His sight.

The Lord Jesus Christ is still on the throne and His desire is to see His children reach a maturity to be able to overcome anything the devil throws at them. We must also understand no matter how far we miss the will of God for our lives, He will set us back on the right path if we will submit ourselves totally to His Word.
This book has opened the eyes of many who have been caught up into the clutches of church domination.  They Come In Sheep's Clothing will offer an answer to escape the throws of such domination.
53 pages of Inner Healing from one of

Satan's deadliest tricks!

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