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Children of Samu Greet Prophet Deckard

Malawi, Africa

Congregation in Village of Samu


I arrived in Africa on Nov. 1st ...

Prophet Deckard, Jailos and the Village Chief's

Village Chief's from surrounding villages of Samu, Ntetha, and Chikop attended meetings.

Regional Chief of Mauwa in Red Jacket.


The Blind See

The Blind Now See!

The Deaf Hear

The Deaf Now Hear!


Miracles Happened

Miracles Happened!

Read about the unusual way G-d choose to minister to the people in one of our services.

Jailos and Bro. DeckardJailos & wife Ella

Jailos our national director pictured with Bro. Deckard.  

Jailos and his wife Ella have been blessed with nine children.

Jailos Family Sealed with Oil

 Jailos and his family sealed with oil.

Annointing Ministry with Oil

Our national ministry anointed with oil.

We have ministers in Malawi and Mozambique.

Prophet & Children

Several of the  children all gather with a few of the orphans for a picture with the Prophet.

G-d truly has Blessed southern Malawi in the short length of time we have been involved with these precious, precious people.



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