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"Let My Prophets In"

Is for the end time Christian. Once again, the time has come for the Lord to transition the church into a new era.The church will bring the five-fold ministry back into operation is the beginning of the direction for the church. Read about this move of the spirit for the end time church.

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"They Come In Sheep's Clothing"

Is a book written by Rev. Tom Deckard after living thru the experience of how powerful spoken word can be. So many Christians become caught up in the church that they are attending and become numb to the leadership of the Lord. The fear of leaving a church becomes real. It is surprising how many ministers hold their congregation in the church thru fear of loosing their salvation. But the Lord gives a way to escape from the bondage of man.

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"God's Divine Order & Authority


The Church & Family"

This book takes a spiritual in-depth look into the divine order God set  in place for both the church and family.

Do Church Boards Govern Churches or Does God?

Is There a Head-Ship For the Church & Family?

Is It Possible That Man's Traditions have Led the Church Astray & We have become Lukewarm?

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America Forsaken

This nation and world has come to the place that there is now no remedy except G-d bringing judgment upon us.

We would not listen to the prophets...  we wanted to hear peace and prosperity instead of heeding to the warnings.




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