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I arrived in Guyana on August 5. I had the  honor of meeting 60 prominent ministers from in and around Georgetown. Thanks to Bishop Edghill for taking the time to organize this meeting. Except for his efforts to contact and invite the ministers it would have not been possible to have had this meeting. I ministered on the transition that G-d is now bringing to the church around the world. I left the ministers a sign from G-d that they might know the L-rd had sent me as one of His prophets. The sign left was that during the next election there would be the beginnings of tumults in the land of Guyana.

 Amos 3:7

Surely the L-rd will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

The church does not know where it is going until the prophets come forth with G-dís road map. The prophet is the eyes and mouth piece of G-d. They and only they know where G-d is taking the church. They will guide the church into the next place in which the L-rd intends for us to go. In todayís modern church it is difficult for most of the pastors to receive the fact that G-d has His ways of doing things.

The prophets that the L-rd has called to the nations will go forth with signs and wonders confirming His word. There are different types of prophets. Some are called to the local assemblies, some are called to areas or regions and others are called to go into all the world. There are also different levels of the anointing that operate within the prophetís office. 

Many pastors believe that they have the calling of the prophet on their lives and know exactly where G-d is taking us. It may very well be that there are prophets pasturing churches. However, many ministers do not understand the calling in their lives. The five-fold ministry has five distinctive offices with five distinctively different anointings. The apostleís office can and will often walk in the shoes of all five of these offices. He has the governments of the church and knows how it all has to fit together. The apostleís office is waiting in the wings for the L-rd to beckon him forth. The prophets are making the way for the apostles and in His time they will come on the scene.

We have had the pastors office operating the church for so long that it going to be like pulling eye teeth for them to understand their calling and to walk there. I have more on this subject in a book that I wrote called, ď G-dĎs Divine Order & Authority For The Church & Family.Ē The books and tapes that we have listed are free, asking for a donation to cover the cost of shipping. The books will be offered until we run out of this current printing.

Bishop Juan Edghill & wife

I spent Sunday ministering in Bishop Juan Edghillís church there in Georgetown. I ministered in both the morning and evening services. The name of the church is Outreach Ministries International Church. Brother and Sister Edghill are two anointed vessels of G-d. I appreciate their dept in G-dís word and kindness toward me. If you are ever in Georgetown stop and be blessed in one of their services. I also want to thank Praimroop Persaud and his wife for taking such wonderful care of me and a fellow prophet from Barbados, Stephen Millar. They were a blessing to us and G-d blessed them for their care. I told brother and sister Persaud that when people bless a prophet they will receive a prophetís blessing. I told them that because they were so gracious to us that G-d would bless their home, family, his business and would give their son a miracle healing for his ears. He had been deaf in both ears since an accident as a small boy. I think they told me he was two years old at the time of the accident. Their son is now 17 years old and has never talked or heard since the accident. I told them that the L-rd would have to create in their sonís ear the parts that they told me was missing. I prayed and we watched as our G-d created the parts in this young manís ears. Praise be to G-d he now hears perfectly out of both ears and the first word out of his mouth was JESUS. He is now learning to form and speak words. For the first time in all those years of being deaf he sat in the front of the church on Sunday morning and could hear the music praising G-d.

Bro. Praimroop Persaud & his wife HoneycombBro. Praimroop Persaud's Deaf Son who was  granted a Creative Miriacle from God.

There were other people healed during the two services on Sunday and for all of this I give G-d the glory. As I travel this world I have watched G-d save, heal, deliver, fill people with the Holy Ghost and even witnessed Him raising the dead. He is a mighty G-d!

Prohpet Stephen Millar and his family as Bro. Deckard rested at his home away from home.

On Monday I flew to Barbados to spend a few days there. I ministered in Dr. Bishop Allenís church for two nights. Apostle Reuben Goodman and his wife Prophetess Deborah were in attendance with us. They also ministered to the people. The anointing came down and we enjoyed watching G-d meet the needs of the people. On the second night of ministry the L-rd spoke to me and told me to let the people that had need of healing touch my Talitt as the woman did in Mark 5:27-28 and they would be made whole. Many Christians do not know that the hem of His garment was the tassels of His garment called Tsitsit. These tassels represented the Law and serve as a reminder. The people came and the L-rd healed them through this means. People often ask if that type of thing works in every meeting? No, only as the L-rd directs.  There were other ministers in attendance but I never got their names. If anyone is going to Barbados and looking for a church to attend, I would highly suggest attending both of the churches of Bishop Allen and the Goodmanís. They will bless the socks right off your feet. We would be able to give you phone numbers of their churches. Just e-mail us for the information.

From Right to Left: Apostle Reuben Goodman;Dr. Bishop Telston Allen; Prophet T.E. Deckard; Prohpet Stephen Millar; and  Prophetess Deborah Goodman

Please be in prayer for our up coming trip to Africa. We are hoping to leave in mid October. The crowds, we are told will exceed 100,000 people. It is really something to watch multitudes coming to Christ. The water baptisms will start before dawn and end well after dark.

By: Rev. T. E. Deckard

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