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Prophet T. E. Deckard


In the year of 1990 G-d began to show me different judgments that He would be sending to this earth, especially America.


In the vision G-d gave me I saw the Hurricanes becoming more and more frequent. The L-rd said to tell the people that it would not be a good thing to buy homes or property in Florida or on the Gulf Coast because of the many hurricanes He was going to send. He told me then that the storms would intensify and one day become super hurricanes with winds over 200 miles per hour.


Last year and again this hurricane season we are seeing hurricanes come earlier and being stronger than ever before on record. Florida and the Gulf had five major storms in 11 months and looks like that record could be broken this year. This is the beginning of the fulfillment of that vision. G-d told me then that He would keep pounding this area over and over. He said people would see that it was of no good sense to rebuild because another hurricane would just come along and destroy their structures again. Many of the people had just gotten there homes rebuilt or were waiting to rebuild when this latest hurricane [Dennis] came.


Judgment from the Living G-d will keep on happening. For all believers it is high time to seek the L-rd for direction. Many Christians lost homes and will continue to lose homes alone our coastlines. Why did not Psalms 91 protect them? This is more than a fair question! Something is wrong! What must we do to find the protection of Psalms 91? Read the article on applying the blood properly, it will work here as well as for the coming plague.


During this time G-d also showed me the draughts that He would send upon America. He told me to tell the people that the dry places would become wet and the wet places would become dry. This year the desert blossomed and people came from all over this country and the world to see the beauty. G-d said to tell the farmers that they had lived under the dispensation of Grace of where the L-rd rained on the just and unjust alike. This period would end and it would rain only on the Just. In the vision I saw a gravel road and on one side of the road I saw the corn to be tall and beautiful, but on the other side of the road the corn was all dry and had died because of the lack of water. The L-rd said that this would be the way it will be during this period of time. This country is facing draught in our grain belt that the scientists is calling dangerous to our food production. Only G-d can make it rain. I am not saying this is the beginning of the time I saw in the vision but one day it will be. Remember G-d has always taken care of His. 


It was during this time that I saw tornadoes becoming more and more frequent here in America. I saw places where tornadoes had never been recorded before being inundated by tornados. G-d said to tell the people that tornadoes would double over the next year. The next year tornadoes had doubled and places like Colorado where it was unheard of for a tornado to occur it happened.


During this time I saw fire burn thousands of acres of forest because of the dry conditions. I saw snow storms and floods of great proportion come.


People then as well as now simply wrote it all off as being some doom and gloom preacher trying to scare people into fearing. G-d did not give us a spirit of fear and He will and has given us the way to escape. Well, now that the plague that G-d showed me has been confirmed by the scientific world I am hoping people are going to be more willing to listen.



Prophet T. E. Deckard


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