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Prophet Tom Deckard

Will There Be Destruction in the Northwest

On Father's Day?

There is a pastor in Salem, Oregon that believes on Father's Day there is going to be a great earthquake in that area. I believe he said that Salem would be destroyed completely.

It is very sad that so many people are following after anything that is said by people that are not proven prophets. This man says he is not a prophet, he claims to be a pastor. He can not be both!

Amos 3:7 clearly states that G-d will do nothing without first revealing His secrets unto His prophets.

I know that I am a major last day prophet sent to the nations. I have proven my ministry all over the world over the last 30 years. I just spent the last 12 days in California and Oregon. I would have fully expected G-d to have shown me this event if it was to have happened. Since He did not show me the only stand that I can take is that it will not happen.

One question is, does G-d have to tell me everything that He is going to do? No and He never will. But, because I had my feet on the ground there He has never failed in those situations to not tell me. I was in Denver and the night before the slaughter happened in that high school, G-d showed it to me.

This is a perfect example of somebody thinking they have heard from G-d and have not. I keep saying over and over again this is why people like this pastor need to first let these things be judged by real prophets. That would put a stop to these kinds of problems.

The pastor said that if it did not happen it would be a good drill for later things that would take place. We can not cry wolf every time somebody thinks they hear from G-d.

If this pastor is right then G-d does not need prophets. However, G-d has His prophets and they are the ones He is going to speak to about events that are of mass destruction such as this.

Hopefully after this day comes and goes this pastor will admit he missed G-d in this, repent and not try to use some lame excuse why it did not happen.

Shalom Prophet Deckard



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