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75 Encounters With Angles


Prophet Tom Deckard gives his testimony of visits, warnings, corrections, directions and prophecies given to him in over 75 different encounters with the two angels assigned to walk with him over the last 31 years. You will hear: Warnings to avoid taking airplanes, trains and trips to the next scheduled town that saved his life at least eight times. Corrections given him that will help you understand the workings of the spirit . Pitfalls to avoid. Visits in meetings telling him who and how to pray in order for the person to receive their miracle-on-the-spot healing. Prophecies of the greatest revival yet to come and what it will be about will surprise you. Prophecies and warnings of the future not included in previous talks. 2 hrs. 40 min.



False Prophets and Prophecies - DVD

2 hrs. 40 min.

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