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Bro. Tom Deckard is a Messianic Jew and a Prophet who has been 100% accurate with with every prophetic word and vision. Bro. Deckard has prophesied to leaders and nations throughout the world. Fulfilled prophecies: The events of 9-11 two years earlier, the AIDS Epidemic two years prior, the end of the Cold War a year earlier, the fall of the Berlin Wall a year before, the Mississippi River flood six months earlier, and both wars with Iraq. Future prophecies: Russia vs. America, the economy, banks closing, hunger, slavery, wars in the Middle East, old diseases reviving, world wide plagues, serpent attacking the church, Aids growing, Famines, Hurricanes, Desert Storm, No more sweeping revivals for America, Waco, Sorrows have begun, and the great deception. If you want to know the future don't miss Visions of America's Judgment! 2 hrs 40 min


Visions of America's Judgment - DVD

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