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Prophet T. E. Deckard


 The Bear is about to bite the hand that had fed it.

Tell America that we have now have been surrounded by our enemies...


Will There Be Destruction in the Northwest On Father's Day?

It is very sad that so many people are following after anything that is said by people that are not proven Prophets.

G-d has His prophets and they are the ones He is going to speak to about events that are of mass destruction such as this.


Prophecy of Increased Hurricanes

In the vision G-d gave me I saw the Hurricanes intensify and one day become super hurricanes.

What must we do to find the protection of Psalms 91?

America Forsaken

This nation and world has come to the place that there is now no remedy except G-d bringing judgment upon us.

We would not listen to the prophets... we wanted to hear peace and prosperity instead of heeding the warnings.


Can the L-rd Return Anytime Soon?

There is prophecy that yet must be fulfilled before the L-rd can return. What is Christ coming back for? A Church full of power & glory. 

America is as a Joseph. What's coming isn't pretty but we must first  please G-d. We have to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead.



Departure of Truth from the Land

We are at the door of great change in the United States, the world, and the Church. Our belief in Jesus and His doctrine is about to be put to a test. The sad part of it is that much of the church will never know it because the truth has been far from them for so long that they know it not.

Let those that have ears to hear hear what the L-rd is saying to the church in these dangerous times.



The Iniquity of America is Now Full

This nation has become accustomed to all the storms, earthquakes, fires, floods, and everything else that the L-rd has sent to try to get the attention of the church and this nation.

The days that lie ahead for the United States and the world are going to become very trying times. The church is slipping deeper and deeper into a coma from which only a remnant will awaken. It is this remnant that will do the great exploits in these last days.




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